Gene Expression of Matrix Proteins in Cbfa1-Knockout Mice



Department of Oral Pathology and Medicine, Graduate School of Medicine,

Dentistry and Pharmaceutical Sciences, Okayama University, Japan


Cbfa1 is well-recognized as the master regulator of osteoblastic differentiation, little is known of its precise role during odontogenesis. We sought to clarify this by examining morphogenesis of teeth and matrix protein gene expression in cbfa1-knock-out mice. Results demonstrated morphological and functional differentiation differences between these two processes: incisor tooth germ showed morphological and functional differentiation of odontoblasts with expression of osteopontin. Stage-specific and cytodifferentiation differences were also observed between incisor and molar tooth germs. Present findings suggest that 1. The transcription factor Cbfa-1 is associated with morphogenesis of teeth and matrix protein gene expression. 2. Compared to the incisor tooth germ, the molar tooth germ is more strongly subjected to control by Cbfa1, and 3. In Cbfa1-knockout mice, the odontoblast-like cells in the incisor showed different patterns of gene expression of matrix proteins common to teeth and bones.