Mechanisms of HERS formation and development of tooth root formation technology


Hidemitsu Harada1, Tadayoshi Kagiya1, Naoki Fujiwara1, Yasuhiko Tabata2, and Kiyoto Ishizeki1


1Department of Oral Anatomy II, Iwate Medical University, School of Dentistry

2Department of Biomaterials, Institute for Frontier Medical Science, Kyoto University


HERS is formed at the initiation of tooth root development. BrdU proliferation assay showed that although inner enamel epithelial cells had nearly finished proliferating, the outer enamel epithelial proliferated more actively. Immnostaining analysis showed that HERS expressed Notch2, which is a marker of outer enamel epithelium. These results suggested that HERS was derived from outer enamel epithelium in tooth development. Based on the results, we tried to develop the technology inducing root formation by gelatin sheets including human recombinant Fgf10.