Forming mechanism of extracellular matrix containing periodontal ligament-like collagen fiber and its bone inducing activity


Kikuji Yamashita‚P, Akemichi Ueno2, Jun Ishibashi‚P, Naohiro Ohshita‚P, and Seiichiro Kitamura‚P


1Department of Oral and Maxillofacial Anatomy, Institute of Health Bioscience, University of Tokushima Graduate School

2Department of Hygiene Chemistry, School of Pharmaceutical Sciences, Ohu University


In order to clarify the forming mechanism of extracellular matrix containing calcified collagen fibers and its bone inducing activity, we analyzed the structure formed by cultured MC3T3-E1 osteoblasts on the calcified pure titanium, after removal of the cells.  The one tip of beads-like collagen fiber with spherical granules bound to the calcified bioactive layer of titanium.  The collagen fibers embedded in the calcium salt on titanium as Sharpey's fibers embedded in the calcium salt of alveolar bone or cement.  Then, it was clarify that the extracellular matrix secreting into culture medium was collected by centrifugation and showed bone inducing activity.